UC Berkeley Pi Beta Phi

Chapter Leadership

President: Julia Lewis

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Major: Economics Major, Spanish Minor

Favorite part of position: The best part of being Chapter President is working with Exec to set goals for the direction we want to take the chapter and then actually seeing the chapter accomplish those goals! I also get to work closely with our amazing alumnae advisors, who volunteer their free time to supporting our chapter.

Looking forward to: I am really looking forward to seeing everything we can accomplish as a chapter and supporting Exec in everything they do! I also look forward to collaborating with the other chapter presidents across all the Greek councils.

Favorite Pi Phi memory: My favorite Pi Phi memory was when I was living in Brown, and all 7 of my roommates realized we all had Smarty Pants. We had just finished finals so we put on our Smarty Pants undies over our clothes and danced around the room, blasting music and taking really absurd pictures.

Vice President of Member Development: Kristina French

Hometown: Wilson, Wyoming

Major: Applied Math

Favorite part of position: My favorite part of VPMD is the fun awards I get to give out during meeting to motivate our members to work hard in school. I award "smarty pants" to a member that has done something phenomenal academically, and every meeting we have a raffle (for candy) for all the girls that did not skip class that week.

Looking forward to: This year I am looking forward to getting to know the house on a better level because I want to help everyone academically. I would love to talk to members as well about what would help them destress during finals week.

Favorite Pi Phi memory: My favorite Pi Phi memory is dressing up with my roommates during finals week and messing around in our costumes. It helped me destress, and it was fun to dig through all the costumes in our basement!

Vice President of Administration: Marsha Lotosh

Hometown: Marin County, California

Major: Cognitive Science

Favorite part of position: I enjoy enforcing rules in a fair way. I find myself to be an understanding person, so it is important to me to hear people out and address issues appropriately. 

Looking forward to: I am excited to get to introduce the new member class to various important aspects of greek life. This mostly including education events on pertinent topics. 

Favorite Pi Phi memory: First semester, sophomore year, on the last day before break, most of my roommates and I brought our mattress toppers to our day room and had a sleepover.

Vice President of Fraternity Development: Elizabeth Timmons

Hometown: Moraga,California

???????Major: Political Science and Russian

Favorite part of position: I'm super into tradition so as VPFD I love being so involved in preserving the tradition of Pi Phi. I love how the rituals across the country at every single Pi Phi chapter are the same, and have been the same since 1867.

Looking forward to: I am really looking forward to initiating our New Member Class that we recruit! I think it will be so special.

Favorite Pi Phi memory: My freshman year, some of us in my new member class had a lip sync battle on our house stairs with the upperclassmen.

Vice President of Finance: Kori Stetter

Hometown: Laguna Beach, California

Major: Applied Math

Favorite part of position: My favorite part about this position is that it teaches me practical skills that I can apply to my finances in real life. I have learned how to balance a budget and write checks. I enjoy being involved in the chapter and appreciate having a say in how we spend our money as a chapter.

Looking forward to: The thing I am most looking forward to this semester is being able to help the chapter create a budget that allows us to spend money on the tasks that are most important to us

Favorite Pi Phi memory: My favorite pi phi memory is GNO. As a New Member Class we dress up in costumes and run around Berkeley. It’s always something fun to look forward to in the beginning of the year and what better way to embarrass yourself than with all your sisters! 

Vice President of Membership: Hannah Crane

Hometown: Newport Beach, California

Major: Political Science, Society and the Environment

Favorite part of position: I think my favorite part of being VPM will be putting in a ton of work and having it pay off when we get an amazing new member class!

Looking forward to: I’m really excited to use recruitment to show how many incredible, intelligent, driven, and passionate girls we have in our house. I can’t wait to bond with all the girls in the house during pre recruitment and recruitment!!

Favorite Pi Phi memory: My favorite pi phi memory is pulling an all nighter on the floor of goats with my roommates on the last day of first semester

Vice President of Philanthropy: Summer Bosse

Hometown: Santa Barbara, California

Major: Legal Studies

Favorite part of position: I love being VP Philo because not only do we get to donate money to a great cause, but we also get to see the tangible difference we make in the lives of the kids at Sankofa Academy every Friday! Our chapter is so dedicated to philanthropy and makes every event filled with fun!

Looking forward to: I’m looking forward to Arrowbands! I, with the help of our philanthropy committee, have been working very hard on this event and I’m so excited to see it come together! 

Favorite Pi Phi memory: My freshman year I became best friends with a girl from my hometown who was in my new member class. We had actually gone to junior high with each other and went to rival high schools, but weren’t friends for those six years. I’m so thankful Pi Phi brought us together and has introduced me to the rest of my life long friends! Hi Sable! Hi Martha’s! 

Vice President of Communications: Eliana Shaulson

Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut

Major: Cognitive Science, Molecular and Cell Biology

Favorite part of position: My favorite part of my position is getting to keep in contact with out alumni. These women got so much out of being in Pi Phi and really want to give back to the organization. They are always interested in our events and even help us out with treats during pre recruitment.

Looking forward to: I am most looking forward to changing up our social media presence on our campus and showing UC Berkeley what the California Beta chapter of Pi Phi is really about.

Favorite Pi Phi memory: My favorite Pi Phi memory was Bid Day my sophomore year. I had the opportunity to plan the event and it was so rewarding to see all of the new and initiated members come together and enjoy it.

Vice President of Housing: Corinne McGuinley

Hometown: Ojai, California

Major: Psychology

Favorite part of position: I love being able to connect with my house on a personal basis and make real changes to improve the comfort and safety of live-ins.

Looking forward to: Creating a home for our members! I look forward to improving amenities and creating more special events for the house. 

Favorite Pi Phi memory: I pref'd someone that I really liked during recruitment and she decided to join Pi Phi! She's now one of my good friends and I have Pi Phi to thank for it. 

Vice President of Event Planning: Jacqueline Tooley

Hometown: Pasadena, California

Major: Environmental Design

Favorite part of position: My favorite part of my position is being able to create awesome events like sisterhood bonding and invites for our chapter members to enjoy. I enjoy being able to meet with organizations outside of Pi Phi and engaging with our community.

Looking forward to:  I am most looking forward to planning our upcoming GNO next semester! It is a great opportunity for our members to bond and find crazy costumes to wear.

Favorite Pi Phi memory: My favorite Pi Phi memory was walking into in-n-out with my entire grade dressed up as Spiderman for GNO! 

New Member Coordinator: Graham Griffin

Hometown: Berkeley, California

Major: Political Economy

Favorite part of position: My favorite part of this position is that I am in the unique place of getting to know all the new members really well and help them feel welcome and excited about joining Pi Phi. Coming to college is so overwhelming and joining Pi Phi is one of the best ways to begin to feel comfortable and grounded in this new crazy environment and I love that I get to share that with them.

Looking forward to: I am thrilled to meet our Fall 2018 New Member class! Every year our house adds incredibly smart, driven and passionate women to our chapter and I am excited to help welcome them and guide them through the process of becoming a Pi Phi.

Favorite Pi Phi memory: One of my favorite Pi Phi memories was this years big-little reveal. I’m super close with my big and welcoming my little into our family was so exciting because not only am I super close with her but she is super close with my big. Having three grades of women who get along and can help each other through the ups and downs of college life has been an incredible thing for me to have!

Senior Member Coordinator: Hannah Holscher

Hometown: Tiburon, California

Major: Architecture

Favorite part of position: Spending time with the seniors and planning fun events for them. 

Looking forward to: The senior brunch will be fun. I'm also excited to work with the rising seniors in planning their next year. 

Favorite Pi Phi memory: Saturday and Sunday mornings spent in the kitchen eating breakfast and telling funny stories.