UC Berkeley Pi Beta Phi

About Our Chapter

The original California Beta Charter was established in 1900. Our first Chapter House was located at 2709 Channing Way and was sold in 1922. That year, the ambitious Cal Betas raised enough money to purchase our current property at 2325 Piedmont Avenue for $52,500 from Berkeley's prominent Fish family. In addition to its beautiful terraced garden, the house featured nine fireplaces, six telephones, and a mere two showers. Things have really changed in 95 years! Our house is currently the home of 71 members and our amazing House Mom Myka!

Meet our House Mom Myka

We are so excited to call Myka our new House Mom! A graduate from OSU, Myka has found herself living a very daring and courageous life. Straight out of OSU, Myka moved to New York, where she found herself shortly moving to Hawaii. In Hawaii, Myka raised her children on The Big Island. After 26 years, an empty nest inspired Myka to adventure. Myka rented out an RV, traveled, and then sold the RV for a ticket to travel the world for two whole years. Within those two years, Myka explored the world roaming from east to west, finding herself in countless places such as Korea, Thailand, and Bali. Myka took a quick break in her travels when she received a phone call from her daughter who was expecting a baby. Being a grandmother did not stop Myka’s youthful energy. Myka commented: “I like not knowing and finding myself in places” She has found herself living on two islands in Thailand, spending lots of time in Italy visiting friends, riding motorcycling in Bali, DJing in Colorado, running businesses, owning businesses, teaching countless languages (French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian to name a few), and serving as a tango instructor in San Francisco. Name something Myka hasn’t done! It wasn’t until Myka met with her sister at IU Pi Phi that Myka was reminded of the warmth and greatness within the greek community. Her sister persuaded her to apply for the open ADPI house-mother position. No surprise, Myka received the position, and served as the ADPI house mom at IU for 5 years. From there, Myka decided she wanted to be in California, and found herself at home in our chapter, CA Beta. We are so excited to have Myka around!